Important Information


Class Status : Not Started

Class Timings

-Monday   -Wednesday

Key Highlights of Course

  • First, you will start with ABAP® Versions and Understand in which system what version is present. Also, you will get a background about Cloud and On-Premise Versions for ABAP®.
  • Then, you will understand the theoretical side of ABAP® RAP to get a good background in Architecture, VDM, Runtime, and Design-time Components
  • Then, you will dive into hands-on for Managed Scenarios and Explore BDL Options in Behavior Definition, we will create an End-to-End App on Managed Scenario
  • Then, you will learn how Customization can happen in RAP Managed Scenario with Actions, Validation and Determination in Behavior Definition Handler Class
  • The first scenario we cover with a Simple User Usecase then we pick an example which is closer to a real-world usecase of Sales Header and Sales Item, so it becomes easy for you to Understand
  • In the Project, we create our VDM from Scratch and CDS Metadata Annotations
  • We will be Creating the Managed Scenario with Legacy/Standard Fields and One-by-one customize all the capabilities with ABAP® Codes
  • If you are New to ABAP® then we develop New ABAP® 7.5x code, explaining its syntax and operation line-by-line
  • We will see Custom Managed with Additional Save and Unmanaged Save then move towards Total Unmanaged Implementation
  • In Unmanaged Scenario of our Sales Project, we create all the development in ABAP® for our Implementation and Develop End-to-End Flow


  • Strong Programming knowledge is a must.

  • Basic Concepts of OOPS.

  • Basics of CDS Views will be good to go.